Cinematic, Story-telling, love story film.


Storytelling in films is one of the most critical aspects of a high quality wedding film. This certain style aims to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion, transition effects, color design (filters on raw footage), creative camera angles, creative camera movements, audio from vows that are carefully overlaid at certain moments throughout your highlight film to elicit deep emotions.

I will engage with you to give you some professional direction to help position you in the right way to achieve the most natural and candid moments while keeping it fun and  making you laugh along the way. As a film director I visualise the edit in mind while I'm filming on the day. I have a vision of the best moments that I need to capture that allows me to create the best wedding video for you.

This film represents you and your love story as a couple so it is important that we capture ALL the special moments and everything in between, like the  natural sounds of the day, the inside jokes you both have that are caught on camera, the love letters that you read out, the excitement, the thrill, the nervous expressions you make. You get to relive your day over and over again and relive moments  and experiences that you didn't even realise happened on the day.

Some of my clients are quite private in the way they express their love for one another, and want the day to just be captured as it unfolds, and focus more on the music to tell the story. I do offer this type of film also. 


What is a wedding highlight film?

A wedding highlight film captures all of the highlights of the day  (5-6 minutes long)  I use the most intimate moments of the day and use the audio from vows, speeches, and the ceremony to create your love story  Raw footage without sound design is just moving pictures, so I carefully use my skills in sound design to set the right mood to elicit deep emotions which is then further enhanced by color grading. Every element of post production works to enhance the final product.
See before and after of color grading here

Watch Sarah & Declan's love story here


This film is a longer version of the highlight film. Its your entire wedding's raw footage cleaned up in 15-30 minutes documenting your day as it unfolds in chronological order.


Having good quality sound equipment is crucial to the quality of your film. We use the Rode Wireless GO II lavalier kit which is a small lavalier mic that we attach to the groom to record the ceremony, speeches and any other special audio. This clear audio is used throughout your film so its is important I have the best quality high-end sound equipment.

SPEECHES FILM 15- 20 minutes

This film is a full copy of your speeches in chronological order. We use high quality audio to ensure we get the most clear sound. We’ll put a small wireless lavalier mic on the groom that is hidden so it does not show in your films.

CEREMONY FILM 15- 20 minutes

This film is the full ceremony that has a two camera set up to ensure there are no moments missed. We attach a small wireless lavalier mic on the groom to record the the full ceremonies audio. We also have a Zoom H4n PRO Black Portable Field Recorder that plugs straight into the speaker as a backup. 


We ask that our clients trust us with all creative aspects involved in our work. This allows us creative freedom to deliver our style of the wedding film, and also to comply with all music copyright laws and support other creative artists. We will secure usage rights and cover all music rights fees for any songs used in your soundtrack.


Once you have decided which package you want, we require a 20% deposit of your total amount to lock in and secure your date. You will then get a confirmation email, terms and conditions, package details, and a questionnaire to fill out. 
The remaining amount is due anytime up until one month before the date of your wedding


Most of my clients go with the premium package deal so it covers everything. You can also add extra hours on the day if you want more coverage. 

You get coverage of both bride & groom getting ready, coverage of the ceremony, coverage of the bridal party shots, coverage of just couple shots & golden hour, coverage of the full reception, and coverage of any other special moments of the night eg first dance, speeches, cake cutting and more. 

After that I require a 8 week turn around time to put everything together. Post production is a major part of the process, post-production is when the footage is edited, visual effects are added, music is composed, and everything is finalised. Once I have approval from you I send you a usb gift box with:

  • 5-6 minute highlight film ( covering the best parts of the day and using vows overlaid to tell your story )

  • Full wedding day - longer version film

  • Full coverage of Ceremony ( 15-30 minutes )

  • Full coverage of Reception & Speeches ( 10 - 15 minutes) 

  • Usb gift box



We specialise specifically in videography. But I work with many photographers who shoot with the same style and I organise them to come with me on your wedding day to cover the wedding photos. Contact me for more information


Yes! Having drone footage is a game changer for the final finish! It sets the intro scene and improves the quality of your film. Drone footage in included in package one. 


Yes! I film on my own, with a two camera set up. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for it to be crowded with multiple people. It can be overwhelming.

In my experience, less people the less stress and more time we save because we don't have people getting in the way. It is important for the photographer and videographer to respect each-others needs and shots in mind of the day. Thats why its important to chose a videographer & photographer who shoot with the same style and work together to make sure your day is perfect and the final product is perfect.

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