M E E T   E L I S E N I C O L E A M A R A N T

Known as E N A

Hey! Im Elise

Discovering my purpose in life, like anyone else was a stressful and uncomfortable road. Filming my first wedding was that "aha" moment.  It brought me immense joy and happiness knowing my films have such a powerful affect on my clients, capturing the day you marry your soul mate and turning the most magical day into a forever lasting memory. 

I want to be more then your "wedding videographer" on the day.  It is important to me that I get to know you before your big event. Understanding you both as a couple, all the unique quirks and inside jokes you have, helps me create the best  unique wedding film tailored to you. 

My videography style aims to to increase emotional impact through the use of slow motion, clear audio from vows and speeches, transition effects, color design, and ambient music to give it that cinematic feel.

I use real life sounds of the day and carefully using my skills in sound design to
 elicit deep feelings. Having this lifetime video allows you visualise your love for one another, watching everything you built together over the years and it all being solidified in your wedding video.

A wedding video allows you to relive the moments and experience it at a much slower pace capturing expressions of emotions,  the sound of laughter, the tears and joy behind speeches and vows. 


It would be an honour to be apart of your wedding day. 
I would love to hear your story! 



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