I cannot fault this beautiful woman. Her creativity is something I have never seen before.

From the first chat I felt so confident in knowing our wedding video would be perfect! She was so welcoming and confident and incredibly personable. I gave her complete creative direction and every single video she created for us blew our minds!

I would recommend her to everyone wanted to have their wedding day captured, you will not regret it!

The Story

People use to ask me to describe the man I wanted to grow old with. Every-time I went to explain him everyone was telling me I was being too specific.
Little did I know, in 2014 that man came into my life.

We reunited at the exact same place we met a few years after, and that weekend here in Australia we both said that it feels like w'eve known each other years. After many years travelling to each-others country, I remember coming home from a trip to LA and saying to my parents that I  left  a piece of me there.
In 2020 when you arrived in Melbourne and walked through those doors I said to myself that is the man I'm spending my life with.

I owe you the world, you took the biggest chance in life by moving to the other side of the world just to be with me. I promise to walk this journey of life, hand in hand by your side with my head held high. 
I love you.

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photography by MERVÉ TOGAN